S - Surprise Gift : Doggy Key Chain

 It is a great pleasure to give gifts that suit a person to  T... even better when the gift is handmade . ..

And it is the icing on the cake, when it is handmade by us...

It was my brother-in-law Nikhil's birthday... and he gives a lot of encouragement to my efforts in creativity. ..he especially likes my Cold Porcelain work.

So my sister and I had been conspiring to give him a nice surprise on his birthday...
He loves dogs, and  he doesn't miss  his gym work outs .. So we decided a weight lifting doggy would be apt... and so..here it is... 

I had to put the bar bell in one hand ..because the miniature doggy's paws would have been gigantic otherwise..
I also inserted a copper wire in the bar bell so it would take the load of the key chain.

With the Key chain

And my 6 year old, made this card.. she patiently waited three days for the flowers to be pressed. Then designed and wrote on the card herself. Once it was done, she realized she had written a few of the letters in the opposite way... so a bit of pondering on that problem... 

And then an instruction - 'see in the mirror ' .... !!! Done !!!


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