C - Cold Porcelain..!!

Since Cold Porcelain is my current favorite, it was not at all, difficult to decide on what 'C' would be about ...

I have been getting a few queries about Cold Porcelain...there is a lot of information out there already, but let me add my two cents too... !! These are answers to the queries that came my way

Cold Porcelain has nothing to do with the expensive porcelain, except that , a well executed piece of CP mimics the look of the real thing, when dry and 'finished'..

Cold Porcelain and Polymer clay are NOT the same. Cold porcelain is a non-toxic air dry clay, that can be made from scratch at home. While Polymer clay is a derivative of PVC. Polymer Clay needs an oven for curing.

I was first interested in Polymer clay, but it is not very easily available (read very expensive), in India.. and while searching , I found out about Cold Porcelain ...

CP can be pre-tinted, and also colored after the curing process

It is very pliable, holds it shape well after molding, and dries hard . 

It is equally great for miniatures, jewelry components, sculptures, beads ..etc etc... the only limit is our imagination !!

This miniature book and worm was a custom order. The height of the piece is 1 inch. Pre-tinted the worm and the book cover and then added highlights after it was air dried. 22 gauge copper wire was used to make the spectacles . 


  1. Is cold porcelain the same as the DAS clay I used about 30 years ago? DAS was grey and could be modelled like proper clay but dried without firing. Your blog is a couple of dozen below mine on the A-Z.

    1. Hi Lizy...

      I got both comments here... Cold Porcelain is translucent unless we add white color to it. So guess it is not the grey clay.

      Good day...

  2. I thought I'd just posted a comment but it's vanished! I asked if this cold porcelain was the same as DAS clay? Your blog and mine are neighbours on the A-Z.


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