Art - A Calling....

First, A big Thank You to A- for Arlee Bird, who thought up this exciting A-Z challenge.

It is very often a dilemma for a majority of the people , who are creatively inclined, to follow that inner voice
and take up Art, as their calling...

For men, it is the pressure of trying to fulfill the traditional expectations of being the major bread winner in the household ..and for women, it is not just fulfilling the roles of being mom, wife, cook and home maker, but also having to do justice to the better education they receive, compared to the earlier generations...

Despite having a lot of people in the creative fields, who enjoy phenomenal success, it is the norm for almost anyone,to look at a person askance, when they say that they have decided to pursue art as a career...

And beyond societal, familial and peer pressures, there are the numerous insecurities we have to deal with... from within... 

Sometimes, while exploring, it becomes quite confusing as to what it is , that we really love, because the creative process of - writing, crafts, painting , sculpting,dancing etc etc..are endlessly fascinating ..and make it difficult for one to focus...not to mention, the varied branches in each category....!!

And finally, by the time we identify something that we would love to work on and explore, much above the others, we have to find enough courage to keep presenting that which matters so much , to others for critiquing....

We have to find the time and the inspiration to keep going and improve our work, despite objections, put downs, constant demands for our time ..and our own sense of commitments to family and other things...

Molly Tinsley wrote a great post, titled 'Honoring Our Creativity' on Miranda Hershey's Studio Mothers...
And the following are questions that she asks.

"Do you work slowly or do you get things done fast in a fury of inspiration? Does getting paid for your art change the way you approach it? If you get paid for your art, do you approach paid and unpaid work differently? If you are a mother, how does caring for your family impact on your ability to honor your creativity? If you work, what affect does that have? We all have so many roles to play that it can sometimes be difficult to honor our creativity and still get everything else done! "

I have to say that I have periods where I my creativity flows, and long(er) periods when my mojo seems to have disappeared !!

I do not think that being paid for my art makes a difference to my creativity, because, so far, I have only accepted custom orders that excite me creatively.. And during the creative process, money is about the last consideration... Also, gifting my work, has provided me the same joy as selling it  to someone who appreciates it..

I am a mother, and honestly there are times, when I would wish that cry for 'Amma, milk pleease...' would wait  a few minutes....but my little one is the biggest source of my inspiration.. the sense of contentment and feeling that -  all is right with my world, when I see her smile, just provides the rush I need...And my creativity has definitely become better, after her arrival..

Working did not leave me much space for my creativity.. It just was not my thing, and I am just lucky that my husband willingly supports me, while I try to find my creative space... 

I know that there are many kindred spirits out there... and with this challenge, I hope to get better at organizing and working on a schedule, rather than the erratic way, I have been working on my art.. And I am looking forward to meeting some very talented people....

So much for keeping the posts short ..:P !!


  1. How wonderful you have found a creative outlet that works around your commitments as a mother too; I think that's awesome.
    With my website design work and writing career, I find its very creative and I too am able to work around my daughter's' needs. Aren't we lucky people!
    Thanks for dropping by my site and good luck with the A-Z challenge!

    1. Hi Rachelle...

      Yes, I do believe we are lucky... Thanks for dropping by...

  2. hi Swapna - thank you for visiting my blog. I wonder if you will maintain the length of your blogs as the month progresses? how long does the henna art last on the hand?

    1. Hi Lizy ...

      I do not want care about the length of the is always about what I want to say in each.. :)
      The henna stays vibrant only about a week...after that it fades out in another week or so...
      Thanks for visiting..

  3. Blogging is my only creative outlet for now. So wish I had time to play the violin, paint landscapes, create sculptures - *sighs*

    Popped in from the AtoZ Challenge.

    1. Hi Tami..

      Blogging is a great outlet... Make a start somewhere and someday, u will get round to doing everything u wish ...good luck...And thanks for popping in...

  4. Oh I love henna. I just had it done a few weeks ago. It's beautiful art for sure!

  5. Very well said. As a working father, who is not only the sole bead winner, but a very hands on dad, it is sometimes difficult to feel inspired or just to even bust out the pencil and markers. But it is totally worth it when my daughter sees my drawings or paintings and laughs and smiles in delight.

    Thank you for the post and thank you for dropping by my blog.

    1. Hi Kyle...
      Otis posts are interesting :)
      I'll be dropping in again..
      Best Regards


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