B - Beaded Flower Pendant

I have decided not to have a theme as such, for the A-Z challenge, but keep posting on schedule, and in a better organised manner.

So this is another post with a tutorial link to You tube. This was posted as Spring flower Earrings, How To. ..by Tsummerlee.
The link to the video is HERE.

I got some lovely tear drop shaped  Blue sand stones as a gift, from my younger sis-in-law and I had an outfit to match. But I did not want to add a lot of new beads , other than a few seed beads. I am very partial to semi precious stones and love to let the beauty of the stones shine through.

So, I managed to get some small beads of the same stone. And then with the help of the tutorial, I made a pendant . I used seed beads in black, amber and silver, and a few tiny amber crystals .

I paired this with simple dull - gold hoops, ..

But am planning to make a pair of earrings soon.. 


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