G - Goodwill : Liebster Award.

Goodwill is important for a blog and the blogger. It manifests in many ways, as a dedicated following.. personally for me, the comments that I receive for my posts are the best way. Even if it is a two word comment, when I see comments, it helps me feel inspired, and urges me to do better ...

Another way is to be given an AWARD .! I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award from the blog Views of an Optimist. 

A big THANK YOU..for that !!

The Liebster Award has gone through quite a transformation, as it has been passed down... Almost all blogs have asked the link back, while I have been asked not to... !! It is said that it stands for everything encouraging and nice for budding blogs... So apt for mine !!

The rules are as follows ....

After a lot of searching, this is the conclusion I arrived at ..The main idea of the Liebster Blog Award appears to be an attempt to offer public recognition to relatively new and unknown bloggers and blogs...

These are the Rules nominees are supposed to follow:
1. The Liebster is given to bloggers  who have less that 200 followers.
2. Each blogger should post eleven facts about himself or herself.
3. Each blogger should answer the eleven questions that are asked by the person doing the nominating. (I reduced this number) 
4. Choose eleven new bloggers to nominate for the Award and link to them in the post.
5. Create eleven new questions for your nominees.
6. Go back to their pages and tell them they have been nominated.
7. Link Back to the blog that awarded you.

I did change the last rule of No tag backs, to the opposite, because  for a new blog, the link backs are really important... 

11 facts about myself

1. My family and friends are my first priority..
2. I prefer tangy things to sweet..
3. I hate to go shopping for clothes, or groceries.
4, I can spend days in a craft supply store, a stationery shop or a library.
5. I feel more happy meeting an Artisan, than a celebrity...
6. On a weekend, while in college, I once went without food for more than 48 hours while I read 18 books    back to back...ah bliss !!!
7. I still cannot say which is my favorite color!!! I love a lot of them..
8. Country and folk art is addictive and inspiring
9. I love visiting homes that are centuries old.
10. If I could afford it, I would get a massage everyday !!
11. The best gift anyone could give me, is a book... 

A)   Comedy, Reality TV, or Drama?
Comedy - but I really like Crime series .
B)    Cat or dog?
C)    Hilltop or valley bottom?
Both..!  Each are beautiful in their own way.
D)   Coffee or tea?
E)    Do you have an artistic routine?  Ie: do you create an outline or scratch illustration first?
Not always, but I sketch as and when inspiration strikes
F)    How long have you been pursuing this artistic venue?
As far back as my memory goes..
G)    Is this your first Liebster Award?  If not when was the first?
Yes it is..
H)   How many blogging sites do you typically participate with?
4 or 5 so far
I)    What was the impetus to pursue writing/photography/prose?
I am a Cold porcelain artist... I found I could fill a lifetime, exploring the various possibilities of this amazing medium.. I make jewelry too.
J)    Which artistic venue is your second choice?

My Nominees are :

1.Lia Edwards - Drawn to Creativity

2. Shalini Chandak - Craft Island
3. Lori - Lori Moon Studio
4 Lilian - Lilians Art Studio
5. Sally Rose - Sally How2
6.Lynn - Creative Magpie
7.Padmini Satish - Daily Painting
8. Eydie Kugler - What We Create
9. Cheryl BM - Inspirations Studio
10. Elissa- Elissa's World
11. Prerna - Artoholic's Lair

Congrats to all of you... !

To pass on MORE goodwill, I have decided to ask just a few questions  on things that I would love to know  about you....

1. What is your favorite creative process and the medium you use the most?

2. Who has been your best support ?

3. Have you faced discouragement? How did you deal with it?

4. Give the link of one blog/blogger that inspires you creatively.

Have a great day...


  1. Good, Congrats.
    Keep it up.
    Keep blogging
    Best Regards
    Thanks for dropping by


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