M- Making Polymer Clay by Carol Blackburn

Carol Blackburn is a Polymer Clay artist who makes stunning beads and jewelry. HERE is the link to her site.

For any jewelry artist who wants to add clay bead making to his/her repertoire, this book will be a great asset. The step-by-step illustrations and the explanations are very easy to follow..

Not to mention, the fact that there are a huge variety of techniques  .to make beads and also to mimic leather, and a variety of stones and even bone and ivory pieces.

And that is not all.. there are a lot of ideas and projects given to make some stunning jewelry and she has also given tips to finish off the pendents and other jewelry in a professional manner..

I consider this book a great buy ..


  1. I bought some premade canes many years ago and that was easier than trying to make them myself...I just never had the money to invest in the clay.

    1. Hi Jojo...
      There are no shops that carry polymer clay in India..and they are too expensive to experiment with if we shop online... so I make and work with Cold Porcelain.. I happen to love it now...

      Thank you for your comments ...


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