1st Custom Design for An Outfit

It is always a pleasure to get a repeat customer. Even better when there is also a challenge involved.. to recreate a motif on a outfit , in Cold Porcelain. She was in Doha and coming to India to attend a wedding in her family.

All she could provide , was a snap of her saree.. we both agreed to wing it , on the dimensions...
Her blouse was going to be black..so we decided to go for a grand triple strand necklace, with the Cold Porcelain piece to one side , instead of a regular pendant.

I sketched out the pattern on a piece of paper and then hand carved it .

Kept the earrings simple, Gold colored hoops with extra large crystals.

The pretty lady and her adoring husband..!! To my absolute delight, the size of the pendant turned out to be a near match to that of the actual motif ... !!


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