Cold Porcelain Works

Exploring the versatility of Cold Porcelain by adding it in Jewelry , and also trying my hand at sculpting.
I had some tiny tube shaped beads of Lapis Lazuli . I added tiny white fauz pearls and some beautiful black metal Flower-shaped inclusions. So I wanted to add a pendant to add more interest. I just tinted a little Cold Porcelain in a sober Grey and then painted some flowers and designs to mimic the colors of the other beads.

This cute little guy was made with a last remaining bit of clay from one batch .. It was okay while drying, but once fully dry , he developed a tiny crack.. Sad..!
These three angels were made to be gifted. I think next time, I may make the eyes , instead of painting them. 

Another stone studded pendant , almost hiding a tiny mirror. I love making these ....the color possibilities and designs are endless..!!


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