Incorporating Cold Porcelain in Jewelry

I had come across a lot of sites that had amazing creations with Polymer clay , and the ones that struck me most , were the stunning pieces of jewelry that were being created.

So with Cold Porcelain already handy, I decided to try it out . the first piece, was fairly basic in shape. I did not have any tools or cutters, so I just used a normal kitchen knife and cut out a triangle, from a piece of clay that I had tinted brown....

Then I mixed some black tinted clay in with some more brown and make a log. I cut it out in equal shapes, shaped them lightly and then pierced them .

I had already picked out the beads to make the necklace, so I used the matching colors on the rest of the embellishments...

And Voila !!- I was thrilled with the result..

I gifted this set to my sis. A good friend asked me to make something similar. This time I used a few more colors, added mirror work and embellished the triangle with slightly curved ends. I also weaved a bit of copper wire to give it some glamour.

 The necklace was made with matching beads and crystals.


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