Cold Porcelain Recipe Trials...

The caption is really apt.. ! It WAS a trial getting the correct consistency...

The site called Cold Porcelain Tutorials, is a treasure trove... HERE is the link to the post on recipes.

I tried the microwave technique, but I had to substitute with the brands available in India. So the first trial in the microwave, was a total mess.. i ended up with a rubbery mass , in the shape of the glass bowl I cooked it in !!

the next trial turned out to be worse, with cracks, a thick layer of rubber stuff on top, with liquid and a lot of powder on the bottom.. I realized that I had not mixed the ingredients well..

After wasting a lot of the raw material, I decide to give it a rest. I was a month later that i tried my luck again.. this time, there was quite a lot of liquid and the result was i kept adding a lot of corn starch and kneading, but I did not get a proper clay to form anything that help it's shape.. It just looked limp and lumpy .....

Usually, this is about the time, I decide to throw in the towel... But somehow, I just wanted to get it right... So I took my time, checked all the laborious notes I had made, decided to  tweak the recipe according to my previous errors, and went ahead.

.....Annnnddd .....EUREKA !!!

I got a it right ...!!

Yeah , it was a messy bowl, but the stuff was the same consistency throughout, I could knead it, there wasn't a lot of liquid and it formed a smooth soft ball, with no cracks, once I was done kneading !!

After 24 hours, I pinched of two small pieces , gave color and then shaped it ..:)

I made a easy Hello Kitty (forgot the ears :P ) , in the first test...!! The flower above, was the test of my second batch of Cold Porcelain, with my tweaked recipe.

I did find that I had to adjust it yet again slightly.
I have yet to try the stove top method.. But so far have made four batches. (I am not that prolific with Cold Porcelain, yet )


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