Discovering Cold Porcelain..

Very often , when I come across a work of art , or an article about an artist - the first question that comes to my mind is -" how did it all start ?"

For me, it was a gradual journey to reach this point ...

I have this memory of staring with wonder at an apple my teacher drew on the Blackboard with colored chalk. A pink apple with a huge green leaf - and I was in pre-KG !!! So I guess it started there....

Every stolen minute that I did not spend devouring books were dedicated to painting and sketching.

Over the years, I did water colors, learnt techniques like charcoal stumping, nib painting, glass painting, and knitting and crochet, fabric painting, and so on...

I found that I loved the very versatile acrylic paints..

Below is a cap I crocheted.

                                          My Buddha -Acrylics on canvas

Shiva Thandava - Acrylics on paper

I kept at it, but I guess I did not feel totally happy with what I was doing.

Then I was introduced to 3D murals.... Now ! I felt I was getting somewhere... !!!

While searching on Google, I found some articles on dough art , which were also done using plywood as a base.

From that , it was a short step to air dry clay and Cold Porcelain...

I was totally enthralled with Cold Porcelain, and the fact that I could make it from scratch (albeit, with a LOT of trial and error).

Cold Porcelain - the stuff of my dreams :) !!


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