Wire work

I was keen on attending some kind of workshop for Jewelry Making, but did not come across any, that taught more than I already knew.. It was by chance that I saw a flier that announced a leading Jewelry Institute offering a course on Costume Jewelry Designing .

Since I was interested in knowing more about the manufacturing aspect, I opted for a module on Costume Jewelry Manufacturing. It was perfectly tailored to meet my needs. And the best part was , I could do it over the weekends or while my daughter was at school...

I later found out that it had only 4 branches in India, and the one in Chennai was a 10 minute ride from our home !!!!

I had seen a lot of videos about wire work jewelry on Youtube.. and attempted a few pieces. But after joining the course, I really got confident in quite a few techniques with wire... The scroll-work is my

Copper wire and black bead earrings.

Earrings with Colored wire and Dark brown beads


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