Book Review - Welcome to the Jungle - Christi Friesen

This was the first book I bought, with step-by-step instructions for Polymer Clay- Cold porcelain also can be sculpted the same way , the curing process is the difference... It deals with a lot of techniques - the making of a lot of Jungle foliage and lovely leaves and a lot of delightful critters... For anyone  who has some
imagination, and is willing to experiment, this book is a very good starting point. 

But, what blew me away, was not just the instructions...It is the narrative style of the book. As an avid reader and a collector of books - on a variety of subjects, this is a welcome addition to my collection. The personality of the artist, fairly jumps out at you. It is a delightful read and I have gone through the book a few times, just to enjoy the quirky, and warm way, the instructions have been given. 

Christi Friesen has a fan in me, not just for her phenomenally stunning art work, but also for her honest and beautifully detailed style of writing. 


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