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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Making Artisan Jewelry

I had been collecting and wearing beaded jewelry since I was about 14 years old. My dad had taken me to an exhibition, during my vacation in Doha, and I was first introduced to beads, and semiprecious stones, made into stunning , wearable works of art ...

I had a good collection of garnets, malachite, onyx, gun metal , black metal jewelry and was used to doing my own tiny repairs.

It was my mom, though who had heard about someone in my home-town making it and asked why I had not tried my hand at it...

So the next step was , 'Google' - of course...!!

And I found a few tutorials that made me feel confident enough to try and attempt them.. So I went and bought a few basic supplies, and tools...
Necklace with Jade and dark green beads with Silver inclusions. with matching earrings

A simple turquoise bead chain with white crystals and silver color tubes.
It was mentioned, time and again, that my photos were awful, compared to the real thing, and so I started paying better attention ... I have a few with some props...

The pic below is one of my better efforts in the early days . 

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