Custom Cold Porcelain Pendants

My neighbor's college going daughter wanted me to make a couple of custom pendants for her.

She asked for a Hawaai Slipper in blue , which I made with twisted straps and a tiny rose...!!

Later, she asked me to make her a Book Worm, pendant, which I made, complete with worm-eaten book. Wormy is sporting tiny wire spectacles..!!

This is a custom-made Cold Porcelain pendant , I teamed with some exquisite glass beads. Also added some cube and spherical beads to give it length.. So I designed the Pendant with matching designs and colors.

I also got two more orders for the slippers ...  wanted them all to look unique.

So this purple pretty with black straps and a black satin ribbon.....

...and below, the sunny yellow one with a smiley face, and a blue satin ribbon.


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