A Few Handmade Gifts

I was happy that there were people buying my creations, but I was also used to making stuff and gifting people. And I did not want this to change that.... so since I was used to gifting card and paintings I made, for Birthdays and Weddings - I did so, with Jewelry also.

This was for my sis-in-law

I made this for my mom's birthday. She would never buy anything black, so I went ahead and gifted her one. She loved it ...!!

I gifted the necklace on the left to my cousin. She was wearing an outfit which exactly matched it, and I had just made it !!

Yet another cousin A, got the set on the right as a wedding gift.

I made this for my aunt. It was an exact match to a saree she wanted to wear to a wedding.

A cousin V, helped me with a lot of stuff , helping me with my Facebook Page, designing my first logo, helping with web design, photography tips (which still did not seem to help matters, but not his fault !)

Anyway, when I asked how i could repay him, he replied that it would be enough if he gifted his wife some jewelry - this was ages before he and his girl chose each other ...!!

So the blue sandstone with filigree embellishments is what I gifted on their wedding ... I hope it was a just reward ...!!


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