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Monday, 28 January 2013

Indian motifs on Cold Porcelain

There is no dearth of inspiration when it comes to art in India. Being Indian, I am of course influenced by the variety of designs, and motifs that I have grown up admiring...

The art and architecture in temples, the ancient homes and other buildings... and also the folk arts have influenced me a lot.  I love incorporate motifs and use stones, mirrors etc.,  to enhance them....

Below are the samples of the style I love best ...

Bead tinted a pale yellow . I gave it a raised filigree design, done freehand. Studded with stones, and accented with a bit of gold and black.

The peacock - National Bird of India, and a most common motif here. I used a stylized version. Again outlined with a raised border in gold. Studded with stones, and gave orange and black accents, on a light blue background. Most of my drawing is freehand..

I added some matching beads, and made the earrings. The necklace is a  simple black chord. 

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